Сlever use for the Cleoni pendant

When decorating apartments on a limited budget, clever solutions are especially welcome. Functional and stylish lighting solutions can bring out uniqueness and coziness in even modest rental apartments. Our good partner KU Disain shares their experience with putting together the lighting solutions for the rental apartments in Pronksi street. 

Photos: Imre Klaasen.

“The rental apartments of Pronksi street have left a comfortably large space for the kitchen. Our goal was to avoid unnecessary expenses which would have been needed for re-doing the electricity solutions to illuminate the kitchen island. Cleon suspended light came to our aid, where we just needed to add a couple of longer cables to get part of the light over the island.”

With lights such as this, there are endless possibilities on how to mount it in an exciting and functional way. Light24 assists in finding the best suitable light for you, and provides advice on how to make most of the possibilities of the light. Similarly to the Cleon suspended light, a lot of lights have the option for custom solutions and modifications to existing specifications.