Illuminating loft-style rooms

High ceilings in loft-style apartments provide a sense of openness to the room, but can illuminating it a true challenge – usual lighting solutions can be underwhelming, tall walls require something that brings out the uniqueness of the space further. 

Our good partner KU design shares their experience on designing the Erwin house rental apartment. 

Photos: Imre Klaasen.

“The apartments of Erwin house have loft-style rooms with high ceilings and a provided challenge for illuminating. I have used a Globen Comet hanging light, that allows bringing the light further down from the ceiling. In the case of illuminating a tall or very broad room, it can be useful to use a so-called multi-headed light, for sufficient luminance and consistent spread.”

Loft-style rooms allow the use of eye-catching suspended lights that do not work well in rooms with average height ceilings. There are no rules set in stone when choosing the lighting fixtures – you may want to emphasize the industrial look of the loft by using suspendable black rail lights, or creating a sense of contrast with luxurious suspended light, which gives the room an elegant feel.

For the Erwin house, the interior designer found a compromise between these two options, using the suspended light Comet by Swedish manufacturer Globen Lighting. The light itself is quite simple on its own, but the way the light sources have been placed makes the light eye-catching and gives it a very exclusive appearance. Light sources branch out diagonally from a long vertical pipe. Six light sources provide sufficient illumination to the large and broad room, evenly distributing it.

Comet light allows choosing your own preference of light source – smaller or larger, milky or transparent, or even dimmable – as long as they match the overall aesthetics of the room and the intended atmosphere.