Choices of Interior designer

The biggest challenge when decorating the rental apartments is that the interior designer does not know the people who will be living in the rooms. This means that the input is mainly from the properties of the apartment, and choices that allow creating a cozy and unique atmosphere have to be made. Our good partner KU Disain shares their experience on creating the lighting solution for Seebi street rental apartments. 

Photos: Imre Klaasen.

“We shifted the dining table from the original location. This also required moving the suspended light. Without larger expenses, we replaced the cable on the Faro Kombo suspended light for a longer one and suspended it over the table.” The Aldex Bot series spot light in the living room ceiling allows illuminating the whole area evenly. This tasteful series is practical in all kinds of different rooms. Above the dining table is Globen Aruba natural braided suspended light. ”

Bathroom has Maxlight Finger wall light above the mirror. This moisture-proof light is interior designers’ favorite for bathrooms, as comparable lights with similar design and quality are usually as much as twice as expensive.

In the bedroom, above the bed, are Mantra Eve wall lights. Black and playful branch-shaped legs and cozy textile dome balance each other nicely. The light is suitable for both reading or for getting some rest.