Aluminum Profile – The Indispensable Companion of LED Strips

LED strips enable creative lighting solutions and are modern and energy-efficient. The indispensable companion of LED strips is aluminum profiles. The possibilities for using aluminum profiles are endless, ranging from lighting kitchen cabinets to large building facade lighting solutions. Let’s talk more about different profiles. Photos: Lumines Lighting

Aluminum profiles for LED strips are durable, hollow or semi-hollow aluminum components whose primary function is to protect LED lights from mechanical damage, but not only that. Aluminum profiles can create very special and striking lighting solutions for both interior and exterior spaces because they ensure a finished result since the strips are concealed – only the light itself is exposed.

Aluminum profiles are available in different colors, and in terms of their intended use, they are divided into four groups: recessed profiles, corner profiles, surface-mounted profiles, and architectural profiles.


Recessed profiles are excellent for illuminating walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as for under-cabinet and under-shelf lighting. A recessed profile gives the LED strip a finished appearance, allows for the diffusion and softening of LED light, and is therefore a good additional light source.


Corner profiles are designed for corners at a 90-degree angle. Even when one of the corners is less or more than 45 degrees, different models allow the light to shine out nicely. The diffusers of corner profiles allow for creating a smooth light line effect. Corner profiles are typically used for ceiling and floor corners, but they work exceptionally well for under kitchen cabinets, shelves, and cupboards.


Surface-mounted profiles can be used on ceilings, walls, floor borders, or cabinets and shelves. Surface-mounted aluminum profiles also look elegant as under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting. This type of profile is good to use when recessing is not possible but a beautiful and finished result is still desired. Surface-mounted profiles are easier to install, cut, and fit together. Surface-mounted profiles are suitable for various commercial spaces, offices, etc. Diffuser covers allow for creating continuous light line solutions.


Architectural profiles have special surface shapes, and these different shapes are intended for different purposes. Available in round, flat, and T-shaped forms. The variety of shapes allows LED strips to be matched with any surface – they can be used on stairs, walls, as exterior lighting on facades, etc. The possibilities are endless because architectural profiles are perfect for any lighting project imaginable. Architectural profiles are excellent for those who want to experiment with lighting or create unique modern-looking interiors or exteriors.


While the main function of an aluminum profile is to conceal, protect, and connect LED strips to create long light lines, aluminum profiles provide certain additional benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Aluminum profiles make cleaning easier: light sources are easy to keep clean;
  • Aluminum profiles allow for directing the light of LED strips by selecting a profile that is at the desired angle;
  • Aluminum profiles allow for achieving uniform light lines thanks to the diffuser covers of the profiles.
  • Consistency of reflection: LED profile diffuser creates a uniform point-free reflection. LED diffusers are available with milky and “frosted” surface finishes.
  • Aluminum profiles protect against heat damage – LED strips generate heat (much less than incandescent bulbs, but still generate), which the aluminum profile can absorb, protecting surfaces from heat damage.
  • Aluminum profiles allow for stable and long-lasting results. The adhesive of LED strips weakens over time, and without a profile, the strip may come off after some time. LED strips placed in a profile can be securely attached, and the result is long-lasting and worry-free.
We add here as a sample a few pictures from our latest work for a hotel in Tallinn (performed May-June 2022). In this project, the recessed profile D is used, which is complete with LED strips 9.6W/m 24V, and the architectural aluminum profile DOPIO and the LED strip 9.6W/m 24V are used for wall lighting.

With extensive experience in this field, we are always ready to help with advice and expertise in realizing even the most complex and imaginative ideas and assembling and producing a lighting solution tailored to your needs.

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