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In our latitudes, there are many hours of darkness that must be compensated with artificial light. Not only the backyard and garden path, but also streets, parks, playgrounds and running tracks need additional lighting all year round. Since creating an external lighting solution is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, it is important that the quality of the lighting meets the harsh weather conditions found in the Nordic countries and that the lighting should last for years.
1.Scandinavian quality manufacturer

The Norlys factory is located in Southern Poland, but its ownership circle also includes Norwegians, and in the early years, Norlys focused on producing outdoor lighting specifically for the Norwegian and Swedish markets. Today, the company has representatives in every European country, and the lighting fixtures manufactured by Norlys are highly valued.
In its production, Norlys takes into account everything that the northern climate can surprise you with: wide temperature fluctuations, storms, constant humidity and high salt content, which can permanently damage low-quality outdoor lighting within a few months.
Since the installation of lighting can be an expensive job, it is not worth saving money at the expense of quality. Norlys tests its products in the harshest conditions and provides many of its product lines with a 5-year anti-corrosion warranty.

2.Norlys controls the entire production process
While products from many well-known brands actually come from China, Norlys lighting fixtures are produced from start to finish in one production facility in Europe. Norlys has its own high-pressure aluminium foundry, which, in addition to lighting, also produces precision parts for the automotive industry. The high precision, high quality and durability of alloys are particularly important in the automotive industry. By producing lighting fixture components in parallel on the same lines, Norlys is able to guarantee the highest imaginable quality.
3.Durable raw materials

Quality is created not only by the leading-edge production process, but also by the choice of materials. Norlys specializes in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper products. In addition, Norlys has developed metal alloys that are extremely resistant to moisture and salt damage as well as physical force. All lights undergo a high level of surface treatment before powder coating – this is the key to perfect corrosion resistance. Norlys products have high IP and IK markings. IP and Ik indicators are internationally valid indicators of resistance – the higher the number, the stronger the protection. You can read more about the meaning of the markings here.

4.Product lines with a useful life of 25 years

In its production technology, Norlys utilises hot-dip galvanizing of the metal surfaces of the lighting fixture before powder coating. This technology makes the fixtures particularly resistant to corrosion, with Norlys fixtures looking like new even 25 years after installation.

5. Elements made of durable glass
Many Norlys fixtures also include glass elements, primarily for decorative reasons. Most Norlys products are equipped with lenses that include protection against UV radiation and have a thickness of up to 4 mm in certain ranges. This ensures that the surface of the product is not damaged by any external influences. The result is the glass details of Norlys fixtures remaining beautiful for a long time.
6. Design – from modern minimalism to timeless classics
Norlys has taken into account very different taste preferences when designing outdoor lighting. Our selection of product models includes outdoor lighting to meet everyone’s needs. There are eye-catching lighting fixtures with bold lines and clear geometry, minimalist and unobtrusive lighting fixtures where the light itself dominates, as well as completely timeless classics inspired by 19th-century city lanterns.

So, Norlys products combine first-class materials, a perfected production process, and design based on consumer preferences. Norlys products offer the best relationship between price and quality, which is yet another reason why the Nordic market values Norlys products so highly.
The bollard lighting fixtures MOLDE, ASKER, and EGERSUND are the favourites of private customers, with BOLOGNA being the favourite classic pole lighting fixture.
LILLEHAMMER, OSLO and LONDON are the favourites among outdoor wall lighting.

Classic park lighting, such as LONDON, MODENA and FIRENZA, and modern city lights BORG, EGERSUND, VISBY and KOSTER, are a field of their own among Norlys products.
*The Norlys factory has an ISO 9001 certificate.

We are always happy to assist in the creation of any external lighting solution, from idea to implementation.

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