Inspiring Visit to the Heart of Faro Production

Faro Barcelona has been a great partner of ours for a long time – we have been the official representative of this innovative lighting manufacturer in Estonia for 16 years now. At the beginning of November, Faro invited us to visit them in Barcelona./blockquote>
We met with Faro’s excellent team of designers, toured the production units, quality control department, peeked into the warehouse and logistics department, and visited Faro’s showrooms and offices in downtown Barcelona.


Faro’s entire production unit is located on the outskirts of Barcelona, consisting of three separate departments: a laboratory, assembly center, and complaints department. The assembly center is the largest unit. This is where all the lights belonging to the Faro Architectural category are produced. Every light is tested and checked before final packaging.


One of the most exciting units is the Faro Lab, a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that allow for the calculation of all the physical parameters necessary to characterize the lights: light intensities, light temperatures, light angles, and more.

The complaints department deals with all kinds of product-related issues and their resolution. We have always been pleasantly surprised at how smoothly Faro handles all the questions that have arisen over the years.

Being on-site, we saw that the competent individuals working in this department are extremely competent, very helpful, and always adhere to the principle that those who purchase a Faro light should have a positive experience for years to come.


We also peeked into Faro’s warehouse and logistics department. Impressive was the number of stored lights waiting to be dispatched from the warehouse and the efficient organization of the logistics team – we now understand how Faro has managed to always fulfill orders so accurately during our 16 years of cooperation.

Getting to know Faro’s production and organization, it felt like we had stumbled into the back room of engineers and inventors, where thorough work is done, and collections are born, in which no light is quite ordinary.


We spent truly inspiring hours in Faro’s two showrooms – one showcases the majority of Faro’s products, while the other is located in downtown Barcelona and mainly features architectural lights.

We saw several collections physically for the first time. We tested their light characteristics and made sure that, in addition to stylish appearance and innovative functionality, they are also very high-quality and durable.


Distinctive design and collaboration with several renowned lighting designers are what Faro invests in, and it pays off, as Faro Barcelona products have won several international design and innovation awards.

Faro’s designers have not rested on their laurels – innovative ideas in product development are a daily part of Faro’s design team, and as Faro’s partner, we can only be proud of their excellent products, which we can offer to our customers.

End user in focus

Faro’s products almost always have some unexpected twist, something that positively surprises, whether it’s the shape of the light, the combination of colors and materials, the perfected ease of use, or multifunctional functionality.

This does not mean that there is no place for classic lights in Faro’s product range; there are quite a few of them, but even with these, there are several small details that confirm that even the most ordinary-looking

Faro floor lamp stands out among others. So it’s worth taking a closer look at every Faro product – there are always small nuances that offer the joy of discovery.


Although we knew this before, this visit confirmed to us that the people of Faro Barcelona truly do their work with great love and passion. We are proud of their success and rejoice that we can cooperate with these great people.

Great brands are born out of fanaticism, the need to create and invent, but just as important is determination and constant work towards achieving one’s goals.

Faro was founded in 1957, but 16 years ago, when we started our cooperation, Faro was still a relatively small company in European terms.

Today, Faro has become a major and important lighting manufacturer in the world market, and the number of lights sold increases significantly every year.

We are very grateful for this wonderful invitation, and thanks to it, we can certainly offer even better representation of Faro lights to our small Estonian market.

It is certainly worth mentioning that Faro products can be purchased from us at a 30% discount.
If you need help with your home lighting project, be sure to contact our consultants, and we can help make it happen.